PHILIPS UV Exposure Unit tubelight with Power assembly and Holder frame for Screen Printing Drying / Silk Screening / Stamp UV Polymer Curing (40W; 2ft Length; Made in Germany)

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This is a ready to use model of PHILIPS UV curing light for UV curing application in Printing /Reprography industry.
40W power for maximum and faster curing.
UV sensitive inks or polymers react to this light and undergoes faster polymerisation helping in faster drying.
High power of UV tube in compact size of 2 ft length.
This unit comes along with UV tube, Metal frame holder and Inbuilt UV driver.
INDETOUCH® UV ballast carries 1 year warranty.

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PHILIPS UV Curing tubelight along with UV Ballast and Metal frame holder.
PHILIPS UV Tube with 40W power and 2 ft length with internal ceramic reflector for higher curing capacity.
Metal frame holder with inbuilt UV ballast from INDETOUCH® that will carry 1 year warranty.
Main Application in Screen Printing / Reprography / Silk Screening process or UV curing of polymers or adhesives.
This is a plug and play model and no need for any internal connection to be carried from user end.

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