PHILIPS Electric Fly Killer UV Light / Pesto Flash Light (2 Ft Length; 18W Tubelight Only)

550.00 450.00
  • UV light for insect / pest killing machine
  • Pest O flash UV tube light
  • 18W ; 2feet length uv tube light for all types of electric insect and flies killer machine
  • Emits uv light at 365-370 nm to attract and kill all flying insects / pests / flies
  • T8 Tube Light of 1 Inch Diameter
  • 100% Original and Imported Philips UV Light



Philips Insect Killer Blue tube light for all major electric insect and mosquito killer machine available in the market. Best tube light for pesto flash and spider electric fly killer machine. Also used for emitting fluorescence in material testing.


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