PHILIPS Germicidal UV Lamp (16W ; T5 ; 12 Inch/1 Feet Length ; Made in Europe)

950.00 850.00
  • Philips Germicidal UV Tubelight 16W, Length 1 Ft (302.5 mm) , Tube Diameter T5 (16mm), 43 V, 0.4 A
  • Emits UV-C radiation 253.4 nm ideal for Killing Virus, Bacteria, Molds, Salmonella etc
  • For Sterilizing Air, Water, Food, Diary and Medical surgical tools
  • Main application in Air Handling Units, Air Conditioning Ducts, Water Purification plants, Hospitals, Dental Clinics etc



Philips UV Disinfection Tubelight. Wattage: 16W Length : 302.5mm / 1 Feet / 11.9 Inch UVC wavelength : 253.4nm Tubelight Diameter: 16mm / T5.


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