Philips Newborn Baby Jaundice Treatment Light | Homecare Device | Bili Light (Ready to use Model)

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By emitting light almost entirely within the 400 to 500 nm bandwidth and peaking
at 450 nm, Philips PL-L/PL-S color 52 lamps have no radiation from the short wave
UVB waveband. They are therefore suitable to be used in systems for applications
such as Agriculture and Neonatal Jaundice Phototherapy. This is a complete ready to use model for home care treatment.




New Born Baby Jaundice Treatment Light

Bili light or Neonatal Jaundice treatment lights are exposed to new born babies to control the dangerous bilirubin level in the blood. Please keep the light at a distance of 450mm / 1.5 ft from the baby, so that bilirubin level gradually decreases to a safe level.

Please consult with your doctor for exposure timing.


PHILIPS Jaundice Light PLL 18/52 ; High grade metallic frame with inbuilt Philips Driver ; Eye Protection mask for new born ; 1 m wire power with 2 pin plug



Please check the unit does not fall on baby; Parental supervision needed.
Electrical Product: Keep away from water


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