PHILIPS Germicidal UV-C Light with INDETOUCH Power Adaptor Fittings(TUV 11W ; T5 ; 9 Inch Length ; 230 VAC)

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  • Philips Germicidal UVC Tubelight with complete fittings for direct plug and use (Power 11W  ; over all unit Length 9 Inchs/ 230mm ; Tube Diameter 16inches / T6
  • Direct 230 VAC power supply; 2 pin power cord included
  • Emits UV-C radiation 254 nm ideal for Killing Virus, Bacteria, Molds, Salmonella etc
  • Effective in Sterilizing Air, Water, Food, Diary and Medical surgical tools
  • Main application for sterilization or disinfecting Air Handling Units, Air Conditioning Ducts, Water Purification plants, Hospitals, Dental Clinics, Laboratory,  Operating Theaters etc.



Philips UV-C Disinfection Tubelight along with INDETOUCH power adaptor fittings for direct plug and use.

Main Application : Surface Disinfection / Sterilisation / Sanitization

Direct 230V AC current supply.

Wattage: 11 W

Overall length of unit 9 Inches

UVC wavelength : 254 nm

Tubelight Diameter: T5 / 0.6 Inchs

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 230 x 42 x 20 cm
  1. Dr. Suma

    Wonderful product of PHILIPS for home use disinfection of daily house hold disinfection of Groceries, Currency, Jewels, Mobile phones, Key chains etc. uses 254nm UVC light for killing viruses including COVID 19.

  2. Ranveer

    Very nice packing. Received the product on time. PHILIPS UVC light is of original quality.

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