INDETOUCH® UV LED Blacklight for Neon Glow Party / Resin Curing (50W; Wide Focus; Energy-efficient; Warranty)

6,500.00 6,200.00
Black UV LED with High-power and Wide-focus for Perfect Night glow effect.
Different wattage ranges available based on application and coverage.
Used in UV Resin Curing for SLA /DLP 3D Printer Accessoy to Solidify Phoosensitive Resin.
This LED has output wavelength range between 380-410 nm with peak at 395 nm for curing most resins used in UV and Screen Printing industry.
Metal closure unit fitted with imported UV LED chip for longer life; 2 Meter wire with Ready to plug-in 2-pin India plug socket.
1-Year limited Warranty support for any manufacturing defects.


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