PHILIPS Black light UV Lamp 18W 2 Ft / Luminescence Stage Light / UV Inspection Light / BLB Tubelight

990.00 950.00
  • Philips Blacklight UV light for Party, DJ, Disco, Stage lighting and other Fluorescence effects creation in Artistic works, Portraits / photos and wall paintings etc.
  • Emits UVA light of 365nm, also used in other applications as UV inspection light for fault detection, Impurity checking, Textile yarn testing, Forensic analysis etc.
  • Operating lamp Voltage is 59V & 0.36 A. Should be used along with a suitable rated ballast /choke of 18W.
    Length of this light is 2 feet / 604 mm (Half the length of normal 36w home tubelight) ; Power Output of 18W ; T8 Tubelight