Indetouch™ Woods Lamp For Skin Examination ( 4 Light Magnifier Model ; Imported UV Lights ; 1 Year Warranty)

11,500.00 7,500.00
  • Portable hand-held Woods lamp Instrument from Indetouch for Skin analysis / Examination
  • High quality 4 light magnifier model equipped with 2 UV lights of PHILIPS Europe / Sankyo-Denki Japan make (UVA 365 nm) ; 2 Cool Day Lights (6500K)
  • Include Optically ground and polished glass ; 5 Diopter magnifier lens with 2.25X total power magnification ; Focal length of 8″ (20 cm)
  • Includes User-Manual with warranty paper ; Protective Rexin Carry bag with handle ; 6000 hours average bulb life ; 220-240V AC Input
  • Please see for Seller name “Indetouch Exporters Enterprise” before placing order for genuine original product and Warranty claims



Another quality product from “Indetouch Exporters Enterprise” for skin examination using Ultra violet lights at 365nm wavelength. Primarily used by skin doctors / dermatologist / Beautician for analyzing the condition of skin especially facial skin and to decide on treatment. The manufacturer and Amazon seller “Indetouch Exporters Enterprise” provides 1 year warranty on the device (except the 4 lights). 4 Light model (2 UV lights from Philips Europe / Sankyo-Denki Japan ; 2 White lights from Philips) Total magnification power of 2.25X and focal length 20cm. Indetouch Woods Lamp is an instrument that emits a black light, which allows the skin professional to visibly see oil, dehydration, hyper pigmentation, black heads, and even sun damage that is invisible to the naked eye.


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