Indetouch™ Holder Stand For Infrared Heat Therapy Lamp (E27 / Screw-Base Fit)

850.00 790.00
  • Holder Stand With Handle Suitable For All Infrared Heat Therapy Lamps
  • Movable Holder Head For Easy Application During Pain-relief therapy
  • Long Cord wire (approx 3 feet length) With 2-Pin Plug For Direct 230V Supply
  • Heat Resistant Ceramic Holder Base For All Screw base Or E27 IR lamp type
  • Powder Coated Metallic Stand For Long Life

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Infrared Heat Therapy Lamp Holder (Without Lamp) With Handle, movable head, Long cable Suitable For All IR bulb Of E27 / Screw Base type. Powder Coated Metallic frame to Withstand Heat and Ceramic Holder base For Long Life.


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